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Space Tourist Amsterdam – a space-themed cycling tour

07 oktober 2023 - Every day, all day
Every day, all day
Organising party:
Crunch & Huntening

Space Tourist Amsterdam is an immersive audio tour experience crafted to satisfy the wanderlust of space enthusiasts. Produced by Space Communications Company Crunch & Huntening, this unique journey takes participants through the captivating city of Amsterdam, uncovering hidden cosmic gems along the way. The tour is designed to be both educational and thrilling, allowing users to explore space-themed destinations throughout the city, all conveniently reachable by bicycle. Each stop on the tour provides an opportunity to listen to engaging podcasts that reveal fascinating insights about the universe, making it an ideal adventure for colleagues, friends, and family to enjoy together.

How to participate
Space Tourist Amsterdam runs every day when you feel like it! You can do the full tour on one day, or split the tour over several days.

To participate in Space Tourist Amsterdam, simply download the izi.TRAVEL app, where you'll find the "Space Tourist Amsterdam" guide. Once you have the app, grab your bicycle and head to the first space-themed destination marked on the tour map.

What you’ll need
- Must: a bike, a smartphone and headphones
- Optional: a Dutch Museum Card
- Recommended: Water, food, rain gear or sun screen (weather dependent)

The complete tour will take around five and a half hours to cycle and to listen to the entire podcast. If you decide to visit one of the museums on the way, schedule in some more time, and remember to take some breaks to nourish yourself. Be aware that not all museums are open on Mondays - if you have a specific one you want to see on the tour, please check their opening times upfront!

How to navigate
It is easiest to navigate using the free Izi travel app. Open it and search for “Space Tourist Amsterdam”. Click start to begin the tour and click on navigation instructions for the stop you want to go to. A prompt will ask to send the directions to a navigation app of your choice on your phone.

To see the full tour details, toggle between the audio view, the description and the map view. The map view provides additional recommendations on how and where to cycle.

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